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No. Course Title Course Introduction
1. English Writing Skills This course helps you refine and strengthen your writing skills and enables you to express yourself clearly and beautifully. The course teaches best practices students and professionals must know to create effective writing, including emails, and reports. At the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Practice the qualities of professional writing style, such as sentence conciseness, clarity, accuracy, avoiding wordiness, coherence and transitional devices.
  • Revise and edit effectively all assignments.
  • Organise ideas and conclusions coherently when writing.
  • Expand range of language when writing official documents.
  • Gain practical written communication skills to improve engagement with various stakeholders.
2. Effective Communication Skills The power of your presentation skills often determines the success or failure of your proposal. This training combined with established practices greatly enhances your presentation competency. You master the art of charming your audience and presenting your ideas with assurance. In this course, the staff will learn how to overcome, and use problems to their advantage in order to give maximum impact with presentations. They will also learn a series of techniques through practical activities to develop presenting skills and enhance confidence to expand the potential of the individual.
3. Business English Our Business English Course is designed to cater for working professionals in the field of commerce and industry who aspire to improve their English Language fluency. This course focuses on communication with clients, participation in meetings, writing business letters, emails and reports, and giving presentations. Participants will have ample opportunities to practice the skills they need to succeed in their business environment. A strong focus is also placed on raising awareness of cultural differences in international business and how to manage these.
4. English Grammar for Staff An ideal course for the busy working professionals. The course covers:

  • Overall grammar rules
  • Verb tenses
  • Adjectives and adverbs
  • Dangling modifiers, and subject-verb agreement
  • Sentence structure
5. English Language Proficiency, Communication and Writing
Skills for Managers
This program will provide learners the necessary English language linguistic skills needed to communicate effectively in all associated managerial settings and situations. The participants will be exposed to and tutored in the grammatical items, writing skills and language registers that most often present difficulties for nonnative English speakers. The facilitators will employ an ‘adult-friendly’ combination of top-down (deductive), bottom-up (inductive) pedagogical approaches. Sessions will be learner-centered and employ a variety of techniques, including problem solving, group editing, lectures, cooperative learning and role play.
6. English for Secretaries This language training is intended for secretarial staff and administrative personnel; the participants work on all productive skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, focusing on real-life work situations for secretarial staff. The training is based on communication and is interactive.
7. General English
This course is for staff who have a basic knowledge of the English language, and who have some fluency in English, but still have problems with basic grammar and little confidence in using English. This course helps you improve your ability to communicate in English in social situations and progress to other English courses. The course focuses on the development of communication skills with a balance of speaking, listening, reading, and writing tasks. You will learn through class activities, individual, pair, and small group work. Engaging, and learner-centred lessons are designed. Contemporary, and relevant topics to prepare them for all the situations in an English language environment.
8. General English
The Intermediate level is intended to develop learners’ language proficiency to:
1. Read and understand a variety of extended texts.
2. Listen to, understand, and participate in extended oral communications.
3. Construct a range of coherent and cohesive texts with multiple paragraphs in a fully developed response.
4. Demonstrate consistent control of essential grammatical structures.
9. English Summer School This course offers entertaining lessons which helps you improve your language proficiency. You can not only practice English in class, but also while participating in games, visiting tourist sites, and relaxing with friends. You also learn about Miri, and Sarawak: its people and culture. The program is available for various age groups.


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