English Writing Skills

Course Title
English Writing Skills
Course Duration 8 Modules
Course Introduction and Objective This course helps you refine and strengthen your writing skills and enables you to express yourself clearly and beautifully. The course teaches best practices students and professionals must know to create effective writing, including emails, and reports.

Course Objectives:

  • Allow learners to write in English with confidence.
  • Write excellent paragraphs with unity and coherence.
  • Express ideas clearly in an academic/business format.
Course Learning Outcome At the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Practice the qualities of professional writing style, such as sentence conciseness, clarity, accuracy, avoiding wordiness, coherence and transitional devices.
  • Revise and edit effectively all assignments.
  • Organise ideas and conclusions coherently when writing.
  • Expand range of language when writing official documents.

Gain practical written communication skills to improve engagement with various stakeholders.

Course Outline MODULE 1: Paragraphs
Learning to construct Paragraphs

MODULE 2: Formal Writing/Academic Tone
Learning the difference between Formal and Casual writing

MODULE 3: Transition Signals
Connecting ideas and adding cohesion to your writing

MODULE 4: Vocabulary
Choosing precise words to convey message

MODULE 5: Conciseness
Delivering a clear message

MODULE 6: Effective Emails
Making an impact on your reader

MODULE 7: Summarizing
Summing up the key points in your words without unnecessary details

MODULE 8: Paraphrasing
Putting a passage in your words without plagiarizing

Course Assessment (if any)
100% Attendance
Course Delivery Mode Online or  Face-to-face
Course is designed for High School, University Students and Professionals