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Differences resulting in conflict are a regular part of business; how you negotiate and resolve disagreements can help you achieve your goals successfully.  This course aims at employing strategies to establish positive dialogue, build common ground, and find successful alternatives.

The program is designed to help you acquire better understanding of what makes people click within a work context. It increases your awareness regarding your own behavior and that of your colleagues.

This course will enable you to apply modern performance management techniques and principles. It will also help you to critically evaluate your own practice and explore how to motivate others to set and reach objectives.

The course provides an overview of sourcing and attracting talent using current strategies such as social media, selection of staff to meet business requirements and tactics to retain employees.

To become a good decision maker, you have to study business ethics, where you examine controversial issues, and discuss moral and ethical dilemmas. You also gain knowledge on issues, like, corporate social responsibility, conflict of interest, human rights, corporate governance, and code of ethics.

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